What, Who, Why

What is this blog? Who is it meant for? Why am I writing it?


RDMA or Remote Dynamic Memory Access is a method of communication for computer systems. It is a way of allowing one system to read or write memory on the other system. RDMA provides three key advantages:

  1. Lowest Latency
  2. Highest Bandwidth
  3. Most Efficient CPU utilization

Z-Copy stands for Zero Copy it is a term for kernel bypass which is the fundamental advantage of RDMA. Network adapters that have RDMA capability have direct access to system memory. RDMA allows us to move messages from one system to the other without ever touching the CPU or kernel.


Anyone that read the “what” section and thought that’s really cool!

This blog is meant for programmers, network and system architects, system administrators or anyone looking for more information regarding RDMA, Infiniband, RoCE or iWARP.


RDMA has been around for 10 years yet there is not enough good educational material available for programming or implementing systems with RDMA. The purpose of this blog is to provide education and serve as a repository for sample code that uses RDMA.

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  1. Very good blog, clears things up for me tremendously. Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Very Good article. Looking forward for next next post

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