Z-Copy stands for Zero Copy it is a term for kernel bypass which is the fundamental advantage of RDMA. This blog is committed to providing educational material and sample code for programmers, system engineers and anyone interested in RDMA, Infiniband, RoCE or iWARP.

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  1. Bartłomiej Daca


    Your first part of introduction to RDMA is very good. Nevertheless I have few questions:

    First and the most important is: do you still plan publishing more parts? I can’t wait to see some info about RDMA read and write, memory windows and so on..

    Second: You show a classic example, when everything works fine in RDMA Send operation. Are you familiar with some unexpected events? For example do you know what will happen when “the other side” of connection simply doesn’t wait for any data? For sure, we can use RDMA Write, but still question is open: will HCA wait for a couple of time till timeout occurs, or maybe will try with another wookie? The same question can be asked to the opposite situation – we wait for message, but nothing came, so do we try to take another wookie or wait till timeout?

    Third question is about software – we have this verbs from OFED, but we have rdma_cm lib, something from MPI.. Are you familiar with any of this (or maybe anything other)? Or do you use only verbs? I was using rdma_cm for connection management but suprisingly it occurs to be too.. hmm, restricted (some methods can block app, I can’t control qp state..). Of course there is probability that i simply use it in wrong way, so this is my question – which libraries are the best?

    Okay, I think this is enough. I hope you will find some time to read this not-so-short message and maybe even write any response 😉 Greetings from snowy Poland!

    Bartłomiej Daca

  2. Quick Concept Part 1 is really good..
    I want the tutorial for Quick Concept Part 2.
    Kindly send me the link & tutorial to srampradeep@gmail.com

  3. Hi,
    Could you please send a link to part 2 to: yosha_amir@walla.co.il

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